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5 billion years after the last great extinction, the galaxy Andromeda spins headlong into the Milky Way with three intergalactic travelers in tow. Drummer/vocalist Brann Dailor (Mastodon), Guitarist/keyboardist Core Atoms (Zruda, Gaylord) and Keyboardist/guitarist Raheem Amlani (Withered, Scarab) are said pioneers, the space wizards of psychedelic soundscapes where organic drums collide with synthetic keys to create an infinite transmission from an event horizon. They go by ARCADEA and their otherworldly brand of psyche-electric, synth-driven, metallic madness sounds alien yet somehow familiar. ARCADEA's visionary, self-produced, self-titled debut was mastered by Colin Leonard (Mastodon) and features stunning cover art from renowned sci-fi fantasy artist Essy May.


released June 16, 2017

2017 Relapse Records



all rights reserved


Arcadea Atlanta, Georgia

Arcadea was born when drummer-vocalist Brann Dailor (Mastodon) teamed up with upside-down guitarist & keyboardist Core Atoms(Zruda) to create a synth-laden progressive, heavy psych band. Adding guitarist Raheem Amlani (Withered) on synth, the three recorded their visionary,10 song synth odyssey at Orange Peel Studios in Atlanta, GA. The self-titled debut record will see its release this June. ... more

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Track Name: Army of Electrons
What starts with light?
What burns the night?
What shadow consumes with its fumes when its parts unite?

All that’s left behind are wandering ghosts
A vision of light will ignite from the blazing coast
We have won the war but it’s miles till the force will be felt
In the path of a great plasma blast lies hell

Invisible waves grip and blanket the landscape
Absorb the force source mutate the shape

Break the hold you hold
The grip that steals the light from orbit

Spin freely or suffer the weight
Shape shifter contemplate
While the forces of phantoms flood over and storm your gates
Lay down your life shape sacrifice
Crashing the core and reborn as radiant light

Invisible waves grip and blanket the landscape
Absorb the force we take we bend light

We spin freely we breed orbit velocity
We crash to ignite we are electric
Through the corona of the sun
1 trillion joules of starlight march the path to war
Track Name: Gas Giant
Caught in your cosmos a dream or conspiracy
Shooting through jet streams ammonium crystals surround me
Trapped in a tear of your atmosphere

I’ve gazed at great lengths through the storms of your red eye
The repeating feedback the thunder intensified
Falling through the neon lights

Decoded all of your dark grand intentions
Your plans to become a new star by invention
Stars are born to sacrifice

Challenge the terrestrial torch of this system
Your wisdom is burning a hole in the heat that you seek
Winds will wipe out everything

Acid rain falling like laser beams
Sulfur winds and then we’re sailing
Through magnetic static your mass collapse

Been around your worlds and I’ve found
Hydrogen rivers flow underground

I’m still caught in your cosmos
A dream or conspiracy shooting through jet streams
Ammonium crystals surround me Trapped in a tear of your atmosphere

Big and vast one gaseous mass of pride
Open up your crimson eye

See a new sunrise on distant horizons
You’re sinking in sulfur
While vapors are rising
A vision of imploding end is near

Mass collide unite form the night
Soon you’ll be the darkest night…
A black hole
Track Name: Rings of Saturn
Falling through the yellow blue
The ice-spiked rings of solitude
Paths unchanged the order saved
The power of the nuclei retained

On the path of lifeless mass
Past laid out by craters crashed
Neutron waves held in space
Dust fields collapse in their final escape

Crystals that form on the outside of life
Lifeless the seas that have sent them in waves
Perfect destruction we’re floating away
Swim through the static the ocean alive

Falling through the altitude
The slow decay of space unmade
Biospheres magnetic fields
The fate of a future race is revealed

Dazzling restless the freezing water
Fragments will burst their way through the order
Floating around in the balance of life
Surface my purpose
To get to my home

Decode the plans the paths the patterns
My enemies hide inside the rings of Saturn
Infinite nodes the brain controls the pattern
My enemies hide inside the rings of Saturn
Track Name: Neptune Moons
Shimmering stone
Hallo the great gas giant silent
Spinning alone

Under the waves
Sinking and rising black ice hiding
Alien graves

Under a sea of menagerie bleeds
A wounded world of the past
Look for a time when the stars realign
Wash away mountains of ash

Cosmic debris
Held in the cold dark grip of orbit
Sun gravity

Crystalline structures fractured unfold
Caught in a season of storms
Banished to darkness a sliver of memory
A century more to get warm

Proteus Galatea Despina Laomedeia
Sao Thalassa Halimede
Naiad Larissa Nereid…
Track Name: Infinite End
The lights go by the black divides the sky
On the edge of disaster in space time
I found a new planet the orbit’s hard to break
Pulled me in and I’ve landed and I’m stranded

I fell into focus
This movement this moment eternal
Vanquish blues and spectral hues
The shape of fate turned inside out
The embryo of all we know is growing exponentially

Slip inside the space between the cosmic sheets
The guided queen on flaming throne
And I alone will neutralize what once was noble

Bend and twist to soon exist
Quite different than the ancient order
Pulled into a void where time will stop

Deep inside my composition no longer lives superstition.
Helium and trace amounts of hydrogen and water vapor
Majesty now magnified now I’m the one who’s inside out
Sew and weave a quilted stream then stop
Track Name: Electromagnetic
Goodbye life
Repel suck swell end the strife
Caught in the endgame sick of waiting
Connected you repel me
Still we are one

The sun and earth have both just given birth
The elements of life reversed

Explore your coast
Electrons leave their host
They break their bonds give up the ghosts

The charge exchange
Small orbits end in flames
Bodies burn bright before they fade

My view your voice have drifted without noise
I hear the end begin again

Restart time
Twin galaxies combine
Obscure the lines of separation spec in the cosmic eye

Revive life
Slow motion we collide
Caught in the endgame sick of waiting
Connected you repel me still we will survive

Somewhere in the night the lights have drowning eyes
Two worlds collide twin galaxies made blind
Strings soon detune our orbits soon entwine
Fade into life our molecules combine
Track Name: Motion of Planets
Great satellite
Sail with the tail of a comet
On a flaming throne alone
Metallic magnetic deadly black drone
One thousand years of sleep
The stars will bleed in the cosmic sea
We sail on sparks
Let the odyssey start

Ghosts spin around and disappear

Through the motion of planets in the heliosphere
It’s thermodynamic force in the galactic north
Terrestrial planets by the light of a gaseous god
Through the path of Mercury
Out the mouth into the galaxy

Reverse the seasons
Change the cosmos however I please
Fall to your knees
Say goodbye to ancient ways under my feet
Walk through nebulous clouds and dream
Of solar flares photons radiate decay
The architect of everything’s origins

The first wave of light
On a changing horizon
Scattered shards of white meteorite and dark ice
Deionized atoms in the folds of time
Push past the pulsar phantoms with future kind
Erase replace deface create the space

Repel the oceans
With every motion move further away
The old ways betrayed
Gas giant burns breaks washes away
Crash collapse the moon retrograde
Solar flares photons radiate decay
The architect of everything opens its wings…
Track Name: The Pull of Invisible Strings
Deep in the heart of Andromeda
Caught in the orbit of the two suns
Live the insect race space gate keepers the Arcadeans

Under the soot of volcanic debris
Through the winding tunnels and tributaries
They calculate in precise degrees the end of everything

On a stellar ship they’re sailing
Through the crust of the cosmos
Left the sun the earth the moon and Jupiter’s hovering ghost
Shooting through impending doom they loom
They lie and wait suspended

The solar breeze shifts the sands of time
All prospects are perched on the wings of pilgrims
No words no worlds a race erased
I really don’t have any regrets

Frozen stripped out of time
Held in the hand of the future I was stolen
Ripped out of time
Held in the gangrenous grip of the future

So long my scenery gone
This satellite in flight can’t fight
This planetary pull any longer

Silent night is shattered by the pull of invisible strings
Tumbling towards an infinite ending
Track Name: Through the Eye of Pisces
Through the eyes
Of the paralyze radiant light beams
I dream I dream
Through the ice
Through the ice I see light in the night
Of the fallen and empty
Is frozen in my cosmic eye
The divine
Is held in a solid state

I see a blazing path of ice
Rock and dust crystalized
The night has eyes
The night has eyes
Track Name: Magnificent Façade
Lend me your planets
And I will be your sun
I will remake the order of
Your solar system
So enter the entrapment
The cave inside the maze disguise

Molten metal runs in rivers flowing
Logic and matter die
Where all of our worlds
Are already one

Drift into me and let me bring my reign

I’ll split the oceans
I’ll make the mountains melt
Molecular motion rising
Shockwave of thunder felt

We’ll occupy new worlds
My stratosphere and I
Still time pushes through the hourglass
And breaks it by design
No reason to resist your only stardust

Time becomes occupied
Deep space infinite size
Mass gets magnified
Solar birth death from inside
Dark matter the key to survive